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Significance of Indian Jewellery: Why Do We Wear Various Jewellery Items

Jewellery is a very important part of every woman’s attire in India. Its significance in our country is much more than that in other countries, mainly because we don’t take it as a fashion element alone. Every single jewellery item that’s worn by women in India has a purpose behind it, and in this article we’re going to take a look on the purposes of five such common jewellery items. Let’s see:

  1. Bangles: Mostly worn by married women, bangles have a significant romantic and emotional links as well. Their sound expresses the desire of a woman to make her presence felt. But even if we put this thought aside for a while, there still are some scientific benefits of bangles. The biggest one among them is that they increase the flow of blood and channelize the energy in a woman’s hands because of their circular shape.
  2. Bracelets: While bangles are largely the things of married woman, bracelets are loved by unmarried ladies for the very same reasons. Not only they make the hands of a girl look good, but also help in improving the flow of blood and energy. Caratlane Gold bracelets even go a step further and do the same which is done by other gold jewellery – keeping the evil forces away.
  3. Necklaces: Exquisite necklaces worn near the heart not only make a women look beautiful – they also strengthen the bond of love and control emotions. On the other hand, necklaces of stones are believed to imbibe us with their eternal powers. Pendants, necklaces and strings of beads were worn by women even in ancient times to keep the evil forces away. The necklace is also believed to protect women from hypnotism, so it’s not an ornament of good looks alone.
  4. Tika: A tika is worn by the married women mostly on the night of their wedding. It looks like a pendant hanging in the center of forehead from the hairs, and it’s believed to symbolize the final union of a male and a female at a point from where there’s no division. That is because it hangs right above that part of forehead which is the place of ‘chakra’ (or preservation in English).
  5. Nose Rings: Also known as ‘nath’ in Hindi, a nose ring is an inseparable part of bridal jewellery. About nose ring it is believed that it can control the wavelength, which helps it protect the woman from hypnotism. Besides that it’s also said that women with pierced nose experience less pain during childbirth. But one other belief is also associated with it – a legend states that evil forces enter the body through any of its openings. So, by wearing jewellery in ears and nose the women can ward off those evil forces before they enter into them.

That is the significance of our most important and common jewellery items. Each of them is worn not only because of fashion but also to achieve a specific purpose. If you also know some other things about the significance of these above given pieces of jewellery then share them in the comments so everyone can come to know.

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