To Heal A Wound Faster After Surgery

7 Tips That Will Help You To Heal A Wound Faster After Surgery

After surgery, your body needs the right nutrition to restore the tissues. An operation requires much of your body and also creates stress. As a result, your body consumes more nutrients. In addition to healthy food, supplementation is sometimes important for the supply of essential nutrients. The immune system remains as powerful as possible thereby reducing the risk of infection or complications.

The 7 Tips for a Quick Recovery:

  1. Proteins are especially important for the repair of damaged tissue. Think of chicken, turkey, beef and eggs, as well as whole grains, legumes and seeds, kernels and nuts. If you have little pull, you can add protein powder as a dietary supplement to your diet. This ensures that you get enough protein.
  2. Multiple unsaturated fats such as omega-3 fats are important to the immune system, and cause harmful viruses and bacteria to penetrate the body less quickly. Eat plenty of fatty fish such as anchovies, salmon and mackerel, but also for example avocados, seeds, kernels and nuts and coconut oil. Add extra fish oil if necessary.
  3. Vitamin D plays an important role in recovery after surgery. Make sure your vitamin D level is optimal due to adequate sunlight on your skin and additional supplementation during the winter months.
  4. Due to enough vitamin C intake you can reduce the recovery period dramatically. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and sweet potato contain a lot of vitamin C as well as all citrus fruits, berries and kiwis. After surgery you can also take additional vitamin C supplementation.
  5. Most people can use some extra iron after surgery. Especially chickpeas, beans, spinach and dried apricots are rich in iron.
  6. To properly absorb all nutrients you need a good bowel function . Take probiotics with products: yogurt, kefir, tempo or take probiotics via a supplement.
  7. Nuts and seeds are a good source of magnesium that is important for a number of functions after surgery.

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